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Labrador - the customs officer

Thanks to his exceptional abilities Labradors are often used at customs. With gorgeous scent Labrador can search for explosives and drugs. Their work is very important at airports. 

As a result of a three-year study Labrador dog was recognized as the best employee of the customs. The study was conducted jointly by the University of Melbourne and the Association of Guide Dogs Australia, as well as professional breeders labradors. At the same time breeders and geneticists are constantly cooperate with customs officials. 

On the use of Labradors at customs said AV Zavadskaya, 
Head of the special training of dogs KC SCSU, Odessa. 

When I first saw Labrador puppy, he has not made any impression on me. 

During the "perestroika", during the so-called "coup", one of our employees brought from Nizhny Novgorod to create very similar to the mongrel, giving him, or rather for her, an amount comparable to the time the cost of "Lada." 

At that time, made a risky move was, as against novoprivezennyh exotic species could not assume the dog will get accustomed to this appearance in Ukraine. On the working qualities and outstanding intelligence Labradors have then no one knew anything. 

Mistress Tyushi (Telling Terry), it was the name ancestress Labradors in Ukraine, was repeatedly subjected to various kinds of ridicule, for example, such "Labradors" full "Privoz" and does not need to go for it so far, but still paying so much money. 

But as time passed. Tyusha grew before my eyes, mastered the skills of the general course of obedience, and not even peculiar to the breed type of training - protective guard duty.The dog hit me with his desire to work, actively participate in all activities of their masters and incredible intelligence. 

And then my heart trembled. I began to attend the exhibition, first as a spectator and support for their canine friends. Studied available at that time, the literature on dogs and made her choice - a dog breed Labrador. 

Then I did not know where I would love for them, and that once a hobby can become a thing of my life. 

So, first I bought a Labrador from the first litter in the kennel Tyushi "Black Kresset" (owner J. Obapolenko). I'm not going to talk about all the twists and turns of his future life, I will note only that the love of dogs has made me head first breed in the territorial department of KSU in Odessa, and then the head of special training and use of dogs in Customs Control Dog Training Center of the State Customs Service of Ukraine. 

That way labradors helped me find my place in life, and now I want to talk about how they are gradually gaining hearts customs. The first mention of dogs that can serve in the border outposts, refers to the time of Napoleon, and to search for drug dogs were used in the customs service in the late 60s - early 70s. The twentieth century. On the unrivaled talents Labradors trained to find drugs, the Soviet reader first learned of the magazine "Young Naturalist" in 1981, which published an article titled "All professions Labrador." 

This article describes the work Labrador Yogi, who once had to search among the piles of mail on a routine check which would require a whole day and a minimum of fifteen people. In one year, found a Yogi 490 loads of drugs, for which he was awarded the Gold Medal of the British knight's charity in 1980 The same medal was a black Labrador Brumby in 1982 and was then started the march of Labradors around the world, and now they've successfully applied not only to search for drugs in the customs control zones around the world. For example, back in 1995 in the journal "Friend" Igor Yudin described the use of Labrador at the customs in the U.S. and divided them into three types: working in the luggage compartment (search for drugs with the active form of notation), working in the passenger compartment (passive search - search drugs, hidden in the human body) and the so-called "farm" (search for prohibited for import of seeds, tubers, plants, food). Now Labradors are used not only in customs, but also in various exotic projects: in the Scandinavian countries, for example, they are looking for telegraph poles affected by the fungus, and experts believe that Labradors do it much better than the various technical means. I, of course, a little distracted from the topic, but did it intentionally to once again emphasize the extraordinary olfactory abilities Labradors that are so essential when working at the office to search for contraband. Also note that psychologists proved that kind of police or customs officer to Labrador on a leash does not cause ordinary people anxious or panic, as in a more traditional service dogs (Dobermans, German Shepherds and Rottweilers). 

In the customs authorities of the Soviet Union were in Labrador in 1992 It's been two littermates Tumark URF IND and IND Tumark Uranus, who for years worked at the airport "Sheremetyevo - 2". Looking at these dogs, in 1993, Russian border guards have decided to buy the whole litter to prepare for different types of search. 

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the customs authorities of Ukraine has not got any labrador. And after the "fraternal" distribution of property, our customs all inherited much ... two dogs. 

In connection with the integration of Ukraine into the international community and the simplification of border crossing regime, all the more significant problems began to get the fight against drug trafficking, weapons, explosive and potent substances. This was the reason for the creation in 1992, dog service in customs bodies of Ukraine. 

One of the main activities of this service is to search for contraband drugs using specially trained dogs that are trained at our Dog Training Center. 

The success of our training is 95% dependent on the proper selection of the dog. In the selection of dogs for finding drugs education, we are guided by the following selection criteria: 
- The dog must be energetic and calm in the home; 
- To withstand long-term physical and emotional stress; 
- Reside in a cheerful mood; 
- Have expressed aportirovochnymi qualities; 
- Have a desire to play with a man; 
- Must be capable of sustained concentration on the job; 
- Should be enough initiative; 
- Must be willing to obey and execute the command; 
- Easy to carry change of scenery and handler; 
- Have the ability to search for the top scent; 
- Not to be neurotic, shy or timid; 
- Should not be aggressive to people and animals; 
- Should not be distracted by trifles; 
- Should not have a hereditary physical defects and diseases. 

Old labradoristy have probably said to yourself that these characteristics are directly related to the breed Labrador. You can also say that when dogs develop criteria for a special service to search for drugs, it is likely, looked into the pre-standard for the breed Labrador Retriever. 

However, not all that great, as it seems. Most suitable for use as detectors are still considered to be herding dogs and hunting breeds, the dogs are bred for the upper nose. 

Different countries have traditionally given preference to a variety of (mostly domestic, national) breeds. As an example, can serve as a use of Labradors in the Customs Canine of France and Germany. At that time, as in France as a customs dogs are used solely Labradors, German cynology arguments defending the benefits of other breeds, particularly German Shepherds, noting that "more than 40% of Labradors do not reach the desired success in school" (Dr. W. Oylitts "History of the Customs Border Services"). There is nothing worse than fighting with the patterns of thought. Many labradoristy agree with me because they know how difficult it was to prove to our hunters, not only that Laika is a versatile hunting dog, and how hard it is implemented in a hunting environment Labradors.Only by sharing personal experiences with each other hunters Ukraine gradually, we can say are just beginning to recognize the Labrador as a hunting dog. And no breed standard and articles in the press they were not convinced. 

In countries such as USA, Britain, France and Poland, the preference is given to the Customs dog breeding Labradors, and in Ukraine, this breed is just beginning to gain the sympathy of customs officers. 


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