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Labrador is an excellent companion. Throughout the world, Labrador is one of the most intelligent, obedient, reliable, and talented companion dog. The modern Labrador - friendly, nonaggressive dog. He's a great helper-companion. 

This is a great dog for the content in a city apartment, thanks to its thick fur, and proper combing, you almost do not notice the hairs on the floor and furniture. Labrador will sleep in the place where you allow it. This is a great...


The first Labradors were brought to England with fishermen and settled in Dorset. Very soon the news of their amazing abilities to the abilities of apportirovke spread across the country, these dogs are interested in the rich landowners. Will they become good podruzheynymi Retriever? And Labradors did not disappoint. Heart of the English aristocracy were subdued by these reliable, balanced, obedient dog that is great apportirovali and worked equally well both in water and ...


Labrador rescue one of the earliest starts to work in the field of disasters, rescuing people under the rubble of destroyed buildings, from avalanches or in the icy water to save drowning. 

Labradors are ideal for rescue work, as distinguished by good humor and incredible passion to the search. The first quality is very important for search dogs, as people under the rubble of collapsed homes and so on, in a state of shock. They may scream, push, or even attack their ...


Thanks to his exceptional abilities Labradors are often used at customs. With gorgeous scent Labrador can search for explosives and drugs. Their work is very important at airports. 

As a result of a three-year study Labrador dog was recognized as the best employee of the customs. The study was conducted jointly by the University of Melbourne and the Association of Guide Dogs Australia, as well as professional breeders labradors. At the same time breeders and gene...


A balanced character and innate caution Labrador is best suited for a guide for the blind and helpers for people with disabilities. 80% of guide dogs in the world are Labradors. They are calm, alert and well oriented in space. Labrador can remember the 45 routes. For comparison, the German Shepherd - only 20-25. 

Labrador guide helps the visually impaired do not get lost, right to cross the road. For people who are lonely, and deprived of meaningful co...


Labrador has everything a great swimmer and diver. In Labrador, a special membrane between the toes. This is a great dog Plavec. He swims at a speed of 5 km / h, twice the skrost diving ducks. 

Labrador has vydrovy tail, which helps keep the water and used as a rudder. Thick woolen cover the body - heats the water in the Labrador, and through dense undercoat a dog almost gets wet. 

Water for Labrador Retrievers - native element, they are not onl...


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