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Labrador Training for Hunting

Since the story of a puppy education, I want to give an opportunity to express their opinion specialist breed Labrador, the owner of the kennel "Gudkvayts" and "Loyalhart" - Andrey Vinogradov. He lives in Tver, is engaged in Labradors for many years and has achieved excellent results not only in the international ring, but also in getting job qualifications for their dogs abroad. 

Several times the hunters turned to me and complained that unfairly bypassed educational aspects of hunting dogs. Labrador - is an excellent podruzheynaya dog, which includes the work of feeding a wounded bird. 

I hope that article, I use will be interesting not only for owners of Labrador, but also for people who purchase their first hunting dog breed. 

I know a lot of dog training techniques and I know that many experts, so many opinions, but I am convinced that the real expert is always ready to listen to the opinions of his colleagues.And let me not entirely agree with Andrew, and often use it when preparing their dog a treat, but when the catches are not greedy, be sure to follow his advice. Of all known methods of training puppies I am a supporter of the British school of "Sirius" Doctor Danglars. Recorded on tape five sessions with the puppies of different breeds, even a layman can help to raise obedient dog, and most importantly, to understand the psychology of the little puppy and adolescent. And I'm willing to share their information with those who need it. 

And now a word Andrey Vinogradov. 
"To begin with the familiar Labrador Field work is necessary as soon as possible, say from the age of 2-3 months. It was at this age is easier to "turn on" the instincts of a dog, which underlie the formation of working qualities. 

First of all, it's familiarity with Oporto, a manifestation of confidence to the owner or person in general and endurance. Without all this, any work with the dogs will be either extremely complicated or not possible at all. We achieve the desired result in the game, trust communication and reasonable demands. It is advisable to start learning the working qualities of objects do not hunt, but with toys and various items, favorite puppy. Initially, to accustom the puppy to Oporto. It is necessary to understand the puppy team Oporto, as serving and feeding into the hands of a subject. In this case, we believe that absolutely can not leave this subject into the distance, and then require him to bring. This is the wrong way can lead to the formation of extremely mobile and cheerful dog, ready to bring anything, but what you threw. Everything else you can not bear, and even better with this game of catch-up with you. Your job is not giving up anything anywhere, to play with the puppy in the game "Come SHOW." You simply, without aggression and rigor, carefully take away that toy to play with a puppy, with the words "APORT" and immediately give it back, saying, "Take." In a game like a puppy begins to realize that you are not going to take away anything from him, and just want to look at something with which he plays. Since the trust is developing in parallel a puppy to you and your actions, ie you should never cheat puppy. 

Very soon, if you have every right action will be encouraged by their enthusiasm, potrepyvaniyami, etc., but in no case pieces treats (the dog must do everything just on their own), the puppy he will be bringing you different toys that you they took from him and see what he brought you. If you are going to do without forcing a puppy, not long and not very often, then after 1-2 days he will take the puppy to you all. Once that happens, you immediately begin to gradually increase the time of inspection. Eventually the time will come when it will not require you brought back a thing. Very well, if you talk during the inspection items, click 'MY'. Only after that, you can not very far away, at 1-2 meter drop brought you a toy, and command the puppy "APORT" or "Search". And do not hide their emotions when properly executed commands. Conversely, the wrong team performance, does not react to it. If you put the puppy in every way to help you run - you continue to run the risk of a dog to do all the work for her and the dog just graciously allow you to do it. If you criticize her for not command, then you are bound to expect the same, only with somewhere to go away happy disposition of your pet. 

The next and very important to start educating 
puppy in the working qualities - education EXTRACTS. In general, the EXTRACT should be brought up with any situation and at any time. EXPOSURE - is the fulfillment of an action for a long time. Nobody, probably not interested, just when the dog stands for the implementation of some teams. For example, the command "sit", dog, and incubated for 10-20 seconds, with a sense of accomplishment begins to take care of business. This occurs when a dog is absent EXTRACT, which is then not give the ability to quickly and easily learn new commands and work productively in the field. And it is easy to achieve exposure: at each feeding, you can not just let the puppy go for a meal. It must be by force, but without the severity of head and sit in front of a bowl, and all his attempts to run up to the bowl to stop holding it in a sitting position the pressure of one hand on the rump, and the other - in the chest. Constantly repeat this command for "sit." Once you feel that at least 1 second, the puppy sits itself, without your efforts, give the command "TAKE" and let him eat his portion.This should be done before each feeding and you will soon notice that the time of his seat without shock will rapidly increase. The command "sit" can now be denoted by and showing your puppy hand bent at the elbow. Experience shows that even at 3-4 days the puppy will be able to sit out a bowl of up to 5 minutes. Ideal if your puppy is sitting on the same team within 1.5 hours or more (for example, while you watch a movie). But the danger is that if you are too hasty, rough or persistent, your puppy will lose interest in food and will execute the command as a duty, that is, hanging ears and drooping head and neck, or it will go. All this means that somewhere you overdo. A puppy should stay fun, just knowing that will inevitably come a time when you let him not so much to eat, how to run the following command - "TAKE." Therefore, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of each puppy. And most importantly, do not forget to praise him in any form (but not slices) to show your attitude to its proper execution of commands. 
While developing the command "sit", it is advisable to develop the attention of your pet.Already the EXTRACT implies the production of attention. After all this long time he was sitting intently watching you, puts hatchet ears and listened. Waiting! Just before the command "TAKE", you can once briefly and abruptly whistle purchased in advance whistle.That would mean - "WARNING!". 

Subsequently, this quality is very useful to your pupil, as in life, and hunting. Train it must always and at every opportunity. 

Of course, you might ask: 
"And what a hunting dog EXPOSURE!?" The fact that so many different aspects of hunting require flawless execution of certain commands, for security or greater efficiency of action for your pet. For example, no wonder that the object is always hunting dog was found shot outside the affected area. Without being too difficult to overcome EXCERPTS fervor of the dog and keep it at the right distance from the hunter (the position next to the distances assured destruction game or much more). Conversely, if needed, without making EXTRACTS, it is quite impossible to send the dog in the right direction to the desired distance (at least 1 km). In this case, you will greatly save time searching for whipped egg game. Anyone, even a trained and seasoned Labrador will undoubtedly find it. But, quickly running in different directions, and allegedly showing her a good working quality and excitement, he just spend your precious time and nerves. And if your dog is still not attentive .... 

So, education, and EXCERPTS OF ATTENTION - the basis for further training dogs. 

Still, a few tips on learning the commands "CLOSE" and "me." From the very first day of the puppy at your home, it is advisable to wear immediately on his collar. The collar should not be hard and not soft, not tight and not free. The puppy must be the first time to wear it day and night. So he gets used to a certain, constant current, stimulus, which, though distracting the attention, but none which does not interfere. At any time when you praise the puppy, during a meal or when pressed him to her during the game, do not forget to gently tugging his collar. This will involve him with your good disposition towards him. Later, when you begin to teach it to the leash, it will greatly facilitate his training team, "NEAR". It will be necessary when moving it on your left just a little tugging on the leash and, as often as possible, say the command "NEXT". 

First, if your puppy about 3-4 months, it will be glued to you, as a "limpet" and, therefore, to teach his team to "close" is not difficult. It is only necessary to bear in mind that if you start to crawl carefully on all sides, as he fumbles at your feet, it can lead to the fact that very soon he will learn to walk with you, not you him. Therefore, in any case need not go at it on occasion, namely, do not hesitate to once again come to him gently on the leg, or not stopping, follow in the selected direction, even if the puppy was across your movement. Do not forget after each maneuver to say calm and steady voice: "NEAR". In those instances when your pet too distracted from the business and strives in various ways (for example, when a dog runs past, to some cries or smells), without raising his voice and making no jerk leash, lock arm so that it from all the fluff stopped short. It is clear that this method is good for young puppies, or for any dog, but only the strong men. So start as soon as possible. I recommend to use with no collar, and a noose. 



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