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Choosing a Labrador puppy - 1

If you want to get a dog, and opted for the Labrador retriever, then you need to have at least a rudimentary understanding of this breed. Then you will not fall into the trap of zoobusiness enterprising businessmen, who often offer "something" by providing your puppy the most flattering features, like: "Here it is - supernastoyaschy Labrador." The true picture of a dog of any breed there after reading the main provisions of the standard.Knowing how basic requirements must meet the Labrador Retriever, you can safely avoid a number of other troubles. But they are just below ... 

So, you want to buy a purebred puppy labrador retriever. To do this, it is not necessary to rush headlong at first caught the eye of the address. Much more useful to visit two or three major exhibitions of dog with plenty of Labradors to have an idea about the types, appearance of this breed of dogs. 

There you can see the potential father of your puppy, because Dogs that are in active breeding civilized razvedeniiregulyarno exposed (not only in their city, region), regardless of their existing high-profile titles. It is important for the prestige, image, to be always in shape, in full view. It makes sense to get a decent print edition of the breed and see how the issues of content, education, and standard (the latest version of the FCI) Labrador Retriever. 

Should be determined by the choice of sex dog - male or female, color. Debate on the question - who's better, it makes no sense. Everyone chooses a dog because ... Because, someone more likable males, some females are cute, someone takes the dog for the soul, hunting, breeding, etc. 

Only then can safely go to the next stages of acquiring a puppy. Everyone has the right to purchase a puppy with it somewhere in a dark passage, or on the clothing market, or almost nothing for compassionate grandmother who has lived in a room of 20 different dogs and cats. But you have to grow in the future - is another question. 

To purchase a puppy labrador retriever is in Russia is only useful in certain specialized for the breed clubs and nurseries belonging, in turn, the structure of the Russian Kennel Federation. Studbooks, pedigree RKF is a certain guarantee of purity of origin of ancestral dog (of course, we do not mean arhidalnih ancestors who lived in the stone age). Pedigrees of other canine organizations not included in the structure of RKF, valid and adhered by only within these organizations. 

To do this, use the recommendations of the competent handlers of information in the press, the Internet, ads in prestigious dog shows. 

It is desirable that the choice of a purebred Labrador puppy you are accompanied by an experienced dog specialist who is knowledgeable in the breed. All dogs, including Labradors are genetically incorporated the protection of his lair, the offspring. Therefore, if, coming to the breeder to choose a puppy, you see a bitch with tail between its legs, which, when you approach quietly and cowardly runs away, hides in another room, or filled, choking incessant barking, raging on a leash, you can safely turn around and go to watch other kids.Keep in mind that the deviations in behavior, psychology, inadequate perception of the situation, hereditary diseases that are genetically passed from parents to the puppies. 

If you are met by a warning bark, you see before you a bitch in the next rack: the state of stress with his head held high, ears cocked, with the tail raised above the top, carefully watching all your actions, but clearly responsive to commands from a breeder - safely sets out the purpose of his visit. Genetically healthy with a balanced psyche dog sniff you calmly and in a sign of a friendly arrangement to be fun to wag his tail vydrovym. 

Before we examine the puppies look at the overall behavior, character, conformation, movement of the mother. In her post-partum period can be faded coat, but do not let this bother - within three months from the date of birth of the puppies - grow a new coat. But what of myself as a whole is a bitch, its type - it all pretty much passed and its progeny. 

Ask the breeder to show you pictures of dogs, which were bred bitch, a copy of his pedigree, ask about it in detail: its origin, nature, frequency of participation in dog shows (any rank and level), their titles, if he had before mating, as often and for a long time whether it is used for breeding. 

Ask the breeder of the bitch in detail: how old she was, whether she had earlier litters (or prolific maloplodnye), the age at which it tied for the first time, how often and how often it then mated, whether unplanned breeding, problems during childbirth (cesarean section, difficult delivery, etc.). Keep in mind that according to the provisions of the breeding work with breeds of dogs in the RCF (RCF approved by the Bureau, the 10.05.2000) for a Labrador retriever - in stock-breeding dogs are allowed, with a pedigree recognized by the FCI and RKF, visit the official exhibition RKF, FCI assessment of not less than very well and reached the age of ... 18 months ... ". And the "breeding females allowed to use up to 8 years. At the same time of breeding females can be obtained by a maximum of 6 litters. " 

If mating occurs every six months, you should refrain from purchasing puppies from this litter, as Mother gives too much health, strength and does not have time to fully recover physiologically to the next delivery. 

Opted for the puppy-bitch to use in breeding, keep in mind that the daughter of maloplodnyh mothers are more likely to yield too small in numbers offspring. 

Every self-respecting breeder who values his reputation, will not give out black as white.Talk about the branches and bloodlines pedigree females and males, show certificates, rosettes, awards for taking part in dog shows, field trials, photographs of dogs from previous litters, immediate family, including photos, posted in various print publications, their publication on cynological theme. 

Pay attention to the overall atmosphere, an environment in which the puppies are, whether they have a spacious, clean enclosure (arena), standing in a lighted, warm place, or do they wallow in their own excrement in a close pen, standing in a dark corner in the draft. 

Watch how they play in the arena who are cocky, phlegmatic, calm. To get a better view of puppies, the breeder will release them from the arena. Bring something to their attention, take a look - and who are interested to run ahead of you, and who, on the contrary, fall behind and come back in the arena. Assess the general form of the puppies. They should be tightly whipped, well-fed, but not thick, with a light bone structure, clean, well groomed, skin disease-free, no fleas. 

Keep in mind that officially purchase a puppy you may not be earlier than the 45th day after birth, because to this day is branding and aktirovanie puppies. The stigma placed on the right ear dog and puppy is entered in her card, and later in the pedigree. 

At the selected puppy breeder will provide you with properly executed puppy card, recommendations on feeding and care, veterinary book with the dates of worming and vaccinations at the time of sale. 

Buying a dog, you must firmly grasp that your family is a living being updated, which will hold in your circle of 10-15 years. And if you want your Lab all his "dog's life" would bring joy, pride, and relief, which would not be ashamed to appear in the street, exhibited at the prestigious canine show, and in the future to do meaningful genetic breeding of civilized (GOTSPR) then pay attention to the following elements of the exterior and behaviors that are unacceptable for vyborevysokoporodnogo puppy: 
Fearfulness, incessant barking, aggression, inappropriate behavior. Fearfulness, incessant barking, aggression, inappropriate behavior. The narrow pointed muzzle with the NOT, the nose with a poorly developed nostrils. Head over to the smoother the transition from forehead to muzzle. Overshot, undershot. The requirement standard - scissor bite. Eyes of Prey, angry expression, lack of pigmentation of the stroke around the eyes (especially in dogs fawn). The eyes should be dark: brown or hazel. Low-set ears on his head. Thin, weak neck. Short (loaded) neck. Weak, indirect forelimbs. "Cow" Wareh hind limbs, unspoken corners of the knee. Long, loose (not in a "lump") toes. Wool is a rare, long with a bad undercoat. A large white patch on chest and white markings in some places (on the forehead, legs, etc.). The long tail (the hanging well below the hock), thin as the base and along the entire length, with the suspension. 

However, in nature there are no perfect dogs, corresponding to each letter of the standard items, which, in turn, allows them to consider deviations from a fault, assessed according to its degree, not rolling, of course, in a disqualifying defect. 

In this regard, along with the Labradors, estimated as vysokoporodnye there and breed, and typical and rustic. The presence of any deficiencies in the conformation of a dog that has the inherent temperament of Labrador, in any case, lets just be a favorite of families, to achieve excellent results as a working dog for hunting use. 

Flatly refuse to purchase a puppy (even if offered as a gift) exposed to a serious defect: umbilical hernia, inguinal hernia, malocclusion, deformity of bones of the hind limbs (Puppies - "swimmers") and other serious disqualify the dog, pretending to the name "Labrador "are your ears - standing like a German Shepherd, or semi-erect poluvisyachie like a collie's tail - nizkopostavlenny reminiscent of crank the car and bent (twisted) on his back, covered with fluffy hair sticking out. Of course, this is not Labrador - a half-breed. 

In short, choosing a puppy labrador retriever, guided by the criteria, saying: "I did not know a woman of sorrow, a woman bought a pig" and "All is not gold that glitters," but most importantly, remember - "Measure twice, cut once." 

Alexander Zelenin, the magazine "Beloved" (Annex) 2001 - 2 
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