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Choosing a Labrador puppy - 2

Choosing a puppy - always an easy task. After all, we choose a friend for 10-15 years! Dogs - not a car, did not like - you can not sell. We're responsible owners, is not it? The decision to choose a puppy should be taken very carefully, weighing all the "pros" and "against", taking into account all the nuances and possible problems. 

In various dog magazines and the Internet, there are many articles and advice on choosing a puppy of any breed. In most cases, they adequately disclosed the scheme for future purchases. Approximately, it looks like this: 

A. Informed decision about purchasing the family dog, advance allocation of responsibilities for the care of her. 
Two. Determining the purpose for which purchased the dog: show, breeding, working or just a pet. 
Three. The study of the state of rock at this point in the country and abroad, the analysis of pedigrees and exhibition victories leading manufacturers in the market analysis of the proposals, consultation with dog experts-breed specialists. 
4. Responsible approach to choosing a breeder. 
Five. Actually buying a puppy. 

Of course, the above scheme is ideal. Very often people buy a dog on a whim, "like the breed, have always dreamed about this," "popular breed, want to be in the" jet mode "," like the neighbor's dog, I want the same "," tortured the children, let him now will be engaged in a dog " etc. Someone just walked on Avian market, like a puppy - bought. For someone with relatives born litter, strongly suggest a puppy from there - and why not? Options - an infinite set. 

In deciding to make a dog at home, you should consider a number of important details. 

What must be remembered 
Your dog can live to be ten years or more, and caring for her walks, health, nutrition, training, and generally happy life will fall on you and only you. The dog can not be brushed aside and go for a walk, if you have a headache, not in the mood, work on the throat or the temperature is below forty. Do not wriggle out of it, if outdoors rain or a hurricane, or a terrible inferno dead of winter. 
If you are ready to go on vacation, you should make sure to keep your dog on anyone.Otherwise, it will have to take it with you. By the way, if you decide to spend the night outside the home or spend the night at a nightclub, then, unfortunately, we have to disappoint you - now you are not free people, you have an obligation, otherwise you will have to abandon the acquisition of four-legged friend. 
If you have a home renovation ... straight from the tin, then, is, of course, the option to save him - to leave the puppy in your absence in the cell. But the fear that some of the losses can not be avoided ... And keep the dog in a cage to put it mildly, is not correct, the maximum - you can leave it there for a couple of hours, after the right puppy accustomed to living in it. 
You spend all day at work, get up with the lark, and return home late at night? Do not think that getting a dog - a good solution, because it needs your society, and to leave the dog locked in four walls for 12 hours - it is simply inhumane. Or have to take it with you to work ...
You have not changed your mind start a puppy? 

If not, then you should think about the future field of dog. 

Female or Male 
Males are usually larger and stronger than females, therefore accounts for walks Anal ¬ gat often considerable efforts to keep the dog from the "at-e ¬ Whigs." If you plan to instruct walking the dog (eg labrador) to your child, you just say - it is unlikely he will cope with 35-40-pound bundles of energy, which tends to sniff and mark all the corners and trees, and get acquainted with all the neighborhood dogs. Young males at the stage of maturity is often reminiscent of cocky roosters in an effort to prove the inequality ¬ chapter in your area.When the dog becomes an adult, he begins an active interest in females. ¬ Ec is close there is a "dog wedding" or simply a place to host technoy bitch, very difficult to subdue the passionate ardor of the gentleman. Nanyuhavshis "love" marks left by the females in the "hunting" dog stops to listen to reason, have not vigorously ¬ th start playing hormones.Even very well-mannered and quiet boys "lose" his head, and keep them becomes very difficult. 

A common mistake novice dog owners is the belief that if they should start (ie, produce a male mating with a female), a boy, he will calm down. In fact, it is deeply misleading. Male, not only will not rest and will look for the new "brides", suffering and languishing in their absence - will howl, scratching the door, or just go into a depression. So if you chose the dog, which is not planned as a stud, the most humane action in relation to it is castration.Well, if you are deeply alien to this procedure, you will have to endure a few years, of course, is not unleashing a dog, and his sex drive will gradually fade. 

In addition, in our view, dogs in need of a more rigorous education, especially at first, when the puppy is looking for a place in the family, and often tries to become the most important member. Games males is also quite violent, and if you have at home a little child, you should remember this. The dog is growing very rapidly, and the young animal with a weight of 30 kg does not yet possess the mind, education and coordination of an adult, so it can easily cause injury to a child. 

Females to males, there are certain advantages. As a rule, they are more affectionate and devoted, on walks, they do not seek to escape from the host, to mark territory, they are more docile and tolerant, especially to children. Although, in fairness, it should be noted that the females, for all his good qualities, are more independent and self-sufficient than dogs. It should be noted that approximately two times per year in females is in heat, which on average lasts 21 days. This is the time taken to the nature of procreation, so your child will do everything possible to find a husband. Perhaps needless to say that the owner at the time of estrus, with the first to the last of her days, should be particularly vigilant and not keep your dog off the leash, so then do not fuss with puppies of unknown origin. You must be willing, at that time you will stray dogs chase the crowd, and occasionally you'll have to chase away the master's "Lovelace," slipped the leash and trying to tie your bitch. Also, you will need to show during this period and the clock does not go out with your girl in the field "Dog Party People", which is usually a large company of dogs of different sexes, and will wander in the desert alone on new trails or in the company of females. Even if you do not take the girl for breeding and do not want to mess with puppies, very likely, and it usually happens that after reaching a certain age it is you have a desire. In this case you will have to he studied pedigrees to study potential suitors exhibition victory or even to go to stud somewhere in the far "abroad." If the course you want your puppies were in the future, your pride. 

Black, yellow or chocolate 
Often, when choosing a puppy future owners are asking, is there a difference between black, yellow and chocolate Labradors. There are no differences, the main thing - the temperament and the breed (as opposed to purebred dogs: purebred dog has the authentic pedigree of a particular breed, and breed - a type of dog, its aristocracy and nobility). Even an inexperienced person is always at the Dog Show will be able to distinguish itself among the dogs of one breed most colorful vysokoporodnyh, excellent representatives of the breed. The media is now widely touted yellow color (from light cream to fox-red). Indeed, the fawn dogs are more photogenic than the black. There is one more thing: the people around them more sympathetic and less wary of dogs react to light. If you can not decide on color, we recommend that you visit dog shows and look at the Labrador of different colors, so that eventually understand - what color do you like more than others. 

With regard to our personal experience - one of the authors of these lines in preference to any breed gives a white or red dogs, so the choice was to fawn Labrador (now appeared, and the second - snow-white). Another author loves black Labradors, but is himself, and black, and fawn. 

The purpose of buying 
When choosing a puppy, you must decide why you want a labrador. And though the dog is a universal, yet the main emphases are: show-dog breeding dog, working dog, a companion.Ideally, often want to combine all these options, but in fact it is better to decide on priorities. 

If you plan to select a show Labrador should apply only to reputable breeders, possibly abroad, where many years of working with a very high-quality livestock, having all sorts of titles, tests, and excellent pedigrees. Similar recommendations for the selection of breeding dogs. However, for stud dogs - there are so many nuances (but it's another article). 

To choose the hunting dogs from proven working ancestors. It is desirable not only the availability of appropriate tests and qualifications of workers, but regular participation in hunting dogs. Feel free to invite himself to one of these hunts! We think that any breeder hunter gladly take you in his company to demonstrate the best qualities of their dogs. 

If you want to find yourself just a pet, and the basic requirements for it - it's a good health and character, and there always are looking for a good breeder. In this case, buyers often do not put enough effort in finding, studying and choosing. As a result, there is a risk not only to buy a puppy without the proper conformation, hunting instincts, but with a bad character - a timid and / or aggressive. 

The importance of proper tempo ¬ ramenta can not be overestimated - it is very important for the breed in general. Pom ¬ filamentary, the puppy should not be cowardly, aggressive, hasty, etc. Look for a puppy that will always be a favorite of families with a wonderful gay character, during the hunting season - a great retriever, and the show will be able to adequately perform. Always look for a better dog! 


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