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Reward Labrador army for bravery in combat

Army dog named Sabi presented an award for bravery Australian Department of Defense. 

Labrador Retriever Sabi has witnessed a military patrol, which served as part of a dog, got into an ambush arranged by the militants. During combat, nine soldiers were wounded, including the owner of Sabie. 

After the battle, a service dog could not be found. As it turned out, miraculously survived the Sabi, and did not get to the Taliban. Only 14 months later, the dog found near the military base in Uruzgan province and taken to the Australian base, "Tarin Kowt." "Veterinarians examined the Sabi and found that she is healthy," - said Defense Ministry spokesman Brigadier-General of Australia, Brian Dawson. 
Military Merit awarded service dogs. "There is a medal awarded to a dog's army for military service, and it is worthy of Sabie. There is one more medal for dogs, which is given within five years of service, and Sabi, of course, will be submitted for the award and the medal," - said the representative of the Australian Association Army dogs, George Hulse. 


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