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Labrador guide brought a blind man from a burning building

Labrador guide named Salti saved his blind master from certain death. A faithful friend brought Colombian Omar Rivera, working in the U.S., from an already burning World Trade Center towers in New York.

Rivera was in his office on the 71st floor of a skyscraper. "Even at the sound of approaching aircraft, I felt nervous Salti, and after the explosion, demanding pulled the ladder" - Rivera told reporters. A faithful friend patiently, step by step, the fragments of glass, the smoke paved the way for the owner to the rescue. The descent took more than an hour. "All this time I am completely dependent on the four-legged friend. When we got out of the building around, I could not understand, has already showered the debris and began to break down a skyscraper," - said Rivera. True to guide long led away his master from the crash and stopped only when he is not threatened. 

Labradors - dog breed extremely loyal person with a friendly character. Lifeguard in the water and on land, Labrador is willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of everyone, not to mention the host, so the world is a better guide the blind, disabled assistant, a nanny for the children. "Salti with me four years, this is a very intelligent, loyal and loving dog who accompanies me everywhere, and saved my life" - said Rivera. 

"Moskovskaya Pravda", 22.09.2001


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