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The study found the best Labrador guide dog and the customs officer

One of the best schools for the preparation of the Australian Customs dog is considered. It is not many people know that this train working dogs, and for other countries, including USA, China and Japan. This center was created in 1969 and the first dogs that have passed this course, became Resignation animals taken from shelters. Meanwhile, in the early 90s when the school organized its own nursery, where he engaged in cultivation of tetrapods that are optimal for custom work. And of all the breeds of Australians prefer Labradors because of their docile nature, energy and hunting instincts. 

Three-year study was conducted jointly by the University of Melbourne and the Association of Guide Dogs Australia, as well as professional breeders labradors. All this time, experts worked to create a specialized program for the breeding of dogs that are suitable not only for work at customs, and the Guide Dogs for the Blind. The experiments involved nearly 750 Labradors, and dozens of different mestizos (between Labrador and German shepherd, boxer, and Kelpie). At the same time breeders and geneticists ever worked with trainers of guide dogs and customs officers. As a result, the researchers concluded that the most important in the breeding of dogs with specific qualities of the workers - is the precise definition of the desired phenotype, and he in turn should depend on what the dog should do. For example, to work at customs requires sturdy dog with a keen sense of smell, but the dog guides the blind should be bold, but calm and balanced, not distracted by external stimuli. By the way, and for this to work, (as well as for service on the route), Australian experts have chosen Labradors. 

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